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Criticizing Google Reader’s UI

Since Google changes the look of its products very often, most likely this post will be out of date soon, nonetheless I believe it’d be a good to share my thoughts about Google Reader’s current UI… with a little rant. Lots of real-state waste: All the areas surrounded with yellow borders are a wasted, especially […]

DotNetArabi Podcast Equipment

After publishing 8 episodes of DotNetArabi, I think it would be nice to share on this blog how it goes and what equipment needed in the process. But before we begin, dear reader, note that I am not an expert, I am still in the beginning of the way, though it’s going good so far. […]

DotNetArabi Episode 4 دوت نت عربي الحلقة الرابعة

   I just published episode 4 of the DotNetArabi podcast on This episode was with guest Mohammad Zayed, he works as Strategic Technology Specialist in Microsoft Jordan. he worked on different Microsoft technologies ranging from Windows Forms applications, Web Forms and Mobile.Mohammad talks in this episode about Sharepoint, the in’s and out’s, the benefits […]

JIT compiler and "Method Not Found" error

Actually it can be “Could Not Load Type” too, but the reason is the same: you are referencing the wrong DLL version. well, this is totally understandable; of course you are going to get this exception when you use an outdated DLL that lacks the new extra parameter to THAT certain method. But the interesting […]