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Working with Windows 8 on Parallels 7

I have installed the latest Parallels update and created a new Windows 8 virtual machine. Being in all-touch universe right now, the guys behind Windows 8 decided to use corners of the screen to do certain actions like showing Start, active applications, or the settings flay-out. The issue is that I couldn’t use these corners […]

Html.EditorFor, Model Property vs RouteData Value

The ASP.NET MVC team made our lives easier when they created the Html editor extension method Html.EditoFor(); you just pass the model property and it creates the right editor, filling it with the property’s value…but not always! Let’s consider that we have the conventional route definition: routes.MapRoute( "Default", // Route name "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with […]

Criticizing Google Reader’s UI

Since Google changes the look of its products very often, most likely this post will be out of date soon, nonetheless I believe it’d be a good to share my thoughts about Google Reader’s current UI… with a little rant. Lots of real-state waste: All the areas surrounded with yellow borders are a wasted, especially […]

DotNetArabi Podcast Equipment

After publishing 8 episodes of DotNetArabi, I think it would be nice to share on this blog how it goes and what equipment needed in the process. But before we begin, dear reader, note that I am not an expert, I am still in the beginning of the way, though it’s going good so far. […]