The Magical Effect of Simple Encouraging Words

By | March 21, 2012

image credit goes for I had to go through some health checkup that included tests for my eye, one of these tests required from me to keep my eye open for a long period of time concentrating continuously into an extremely strong and annoying light.
During the test I kept receiving encouraging words from the examining doctor every couple of seconds: “Bravo Emad! very good concentration, keep it up, that’s it”.
Even though it was a simple task and me being in my 30’s!… I still had a strong feeling that I was doing something right! and that I should keep doing what I was doing, to give more effort no matter how annoying and hurting this intense light was; and all of this was due to his words! the more he encouraged the wider I opened my eye and concentrated.

The moral of the story is that if you are managing people never ever under estimate the simple words of encouragement, or discouragement!

5 thoughts on “The Magical Effect of Simple Encouraging Words

  1. Emad Alashi Post author

    @Qais hehe right to the point 😉

    @Mohammad_Najeeb Thanks Mohammad, glad you found it so 🙂

  2. Yousef abusara

    First of all “salamat inshallah” -since no one said it 🙂
    Second, totally agree….and i hope i was a good encoureger 🙂

    Keep it up emad

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