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NHibernate possible bug in IQuery.List<T>()

By | September 22, 2008

recently, we had to clean the database from all the testing data, when an error similar to the following appeared: The value “” is not of type “System.Nullable`1[System.DateTime]” and cannot be used in this generic collection The code I executed was:             IQuery query = DbManager.MySession.CreateQuery(“select max(dateObject.EndDate) from DateDomain dateObject”);             IList<DateTime?> list = query.List<DateTime?>();… Read More »

Software gadgets

By | September 8, 2008

In the early days when the Internet was Blog-free, my machine was light and clean, it was barely Visual Sutdio, SQL Server Express (then it was called MSDE) , Office, MSN and IIS. I always believed in the light clean machine, no goofy software around. Then Blogs started to appear, and more interesting blogs had… Read More »