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Technical Team Leader…Who Is Not

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When I started this blog my goal was to make it a technical one, in which most posts would have code, samples, screen shots, architecture…etc. This was the primary goal, though it is totally fine with me to talk about software life in general.

The issue is that I get the ideas of my posts from my real daily life, which is mostly code challenges at work. I do write code in my leisure time, but for sure it is not as thorough as the thing at work.
And since I haven’t posted any technical stuff lately…the simple conclusion is I DON’T SEE CODE ANYMORE!

A Technical Team Leader in the place I work at right now has a different meaning from what I knew before; the first word in the title is “Technical” so I expect to deal a lot with code: planning it, reviewing it, discuss it with team members…etc.
But in the environment I work at, there is more pressure toward management and coordination; I find my self during the day doing stuff like updating the Microsoft Project plan, smoke testing, running between other teams we depend on to get their deliverables; checking with the User Experience team if they have the designs ready, checking with the Architecture team if they will pass by to set the folders structure for us…etc. All this leaves me no time to see code.

Is this right? Should a Technical Team Leader do these stuff? If not, who should? Is it a Project Coordinator? what is exactly the job description for a Technical Team Leader?
Questions like these should be discussed with the Development Process people, but till then I will have to say: “that’s not right”.
How about you? what do you think?

DotNetArabi Episode 2 دوت نت عربي الحلقة الثانية

دوت نت عربي DotNetArabi

I just published episode 2 of the DotNetArabi podcast on

This episode was with guest Mohammad Salem, a distinguished community member who has 5 years of experience, we talked about the Enterprise Library in a catching discussion. I hope you enjoy it.

على موقع تجدون الحلقة الثانية من “دوت نت عربي”. موضوع الحلقة هو الـ”إنتربرايز لايبراري Enterprise Library”، و هي مجموعة من “البرامج المساعدة DLL” يستعملها المبرمجون بكثرة في المشاريع الكبيرة.
كان ضيف الحلقة الزميل محمد سالم، و هو عضو نشط في مجتمع مطروي الـ”دوت نت” في الأردن Jordev.