Monthly Archives: July 2008

Are code comments important?

From the very first day I have heard about Agile development and I have been hearing things like “code comments are not such a good thing” The main idea behind that is that the code should be self explanatory; giving functions good names and splitting concerns into different functions. But what about the “why”; why… Read More »

In the memory of Srebrenica genocide

Can the mind imagine how brutal the man kind can be!! The last couple of days was the memory of one of the ugliest genocides took place in the recent history, with 8000 people killed mercilessly in couple of days! The frightning side of the story is that it was under the supervision of the so… Read More »

New laptop

This is my first post from my new laptop HP Pavilion dv 6755ee 😀 Overall, I am happy with what I am experiencing till now, except for: 1- The fans opening is placed at the bottom of the laptop, which causing it to go on high temperature fast! 2- There is something wrong about the text… Read More »

Using FeedBurner

I have been trying to figure out how the stats that WordPress provide works while hosting my blog, I FAILED!…or did they? It was not a straightforward thing, I would click on a stat number that says I had certain number of views on one post today, I would click on it to see the chart is empty :S. Anyway, I… Read More »