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By | July 29, 2008

Lately, I have been living a financial chaos; I couldn’t tell how much money I had in the bank, lent to friends or in my Pocket! (ok the last one was exaggeration…I could count it anytime :P).

I decided to put an end to this, so I started looking for a software to track my financial status; went through many solutions starting from Excell sheets passing by GNUCash, AceMoneyLite , and ending with Microsoft Office Accounting Express (the latter makes me want to start my own business! wow).
Nothing seemed to meet my simple requirements of …just…tracking my money!

Then I found it! ClearCheckBook; very simple, web-based and effective! you can define Your Accounts (your pocket, bank,..etc), define your expenses and income categories (Food, Gas,…etc), and insert your transactions depending on the Accounts and Categories. and you are on!

here are some screenshots that you might find interesting:

enjoy managing your finance!

p.s. there are some competitiors like Mint and MySpendingPlan but Mint makes it compulsory to have an existing account with a known bank to their service, and MySpendingPlan had many JavaScript errors while I was browsing.

2 thoughts on “Track your financial status

  1. ofs

    cool, thanks for the info. and also there are more than 3 softwares for pocket pc’s to track your finance

  2. eashi

    That sounds interesting! can you provide links for those software apps? 🙂

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