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The Story of a Winning Frog (a story we all know, and few comprehend)


If you don’t know it:

Once upon a time there was a group of little frogs, who decided to go through a competition to climb a tower. The tower was high and difficult, and no one of the spectator frogs believed that any of the tiny frogs can make it to the top.

Little frogs started climbing, while spectators yelling:
– "oh my, it’s too high…I don’t think they can make it!"
– "they are too young, how possibly can they reach the top?! that’s insane"
Shouting and yelling continued, while the little frogs surrendering one by one, except for this one little frog who kept going and going, climbing up further and further more. Surprising everyone, that frog made it to the top and he won the race! well…the only reason for his success that…HE WAS DEAF, he simple couldn’t hear the negative shouting of the spectators!

1) The effort a man produces trying to succeed is proportional to the amount of expectation to succeed
2) and the more effort he produces, the more it is possible he will succeed.


So if one member of a team starts putting the team down, the teams effort is absolutely going down, even if they can make it, they won’t. no passion, no effort, no success.

The only thing you will get from being around negative people is being pulled down with them; they will keep discouraging you, to give up, to stop you from reaching your goal! with all sort of discouraging words:
– "the way we work is wrong, this is stupid! this is never gonna work"
-  "I knew it! I knew it!"
-  "the client is going to reject it, I am telling you! he is!" *with yellow smile*
Enlarging the disadvantages of the surroundings, and forgetting about the advantages, putting the passion off.

Yes, there are annoyances, but come on, NOTHING IS PERFECT! any sane human would obviously tell you that "not getting all" doesn’t mean "giving up on all"; if you do that, while there is nothing perfect, obviously, you will end up losing all!

Believe in yourself, try to improve, never surrender. And while doing all that…just enjoy what you have.

Bunian Basic Design

Well, it’s moving on, very slow, but it’s moving!

If you have been following this blog, then I think you are familiar with Bunian, the open source project for charity organizations. During the last Bunian team meeting at the beginning of this week, the basic design emerged (still being discussed and subject to changes till the minute of this post); we have decided to skip the dummy DTO objects, and to try Business Objects (BO), where most of the business logic lays, rather than in a separate Business Service.

The design will be like the following:

  • Business Object classes: like Child, or Family. These classes will have the correspondent business logic within, including the data access (although some may object) but data access will be through repository interface data member.
  • Repository interfaces: each BO will hold an interface data member specific to the data access needs of that BO. For example, the Family BO will have the interface data member IFamilyRepository. These repository interfaces will have a parent repository interface IRepository.
  • Concrete repository classes: as it may be obvious, it implements the repository interfaces mentioned above. These classes will be in different project, in order to be able to change the behavior depending on the Database (Microsoft SQL server, MySql, etc…)
    Note here that there will be no direct dependency on these concrete classes; they will be injected through IoC container which we haven’t chosen yet (most likely would be Windsor,  available to discussion).
  • MVP infrastructure: a project will host Views interfaces and their Presenters.

The following diagrams are examples of the discussed above:

– Business Objects using repository interfaces:

BO having repository interfaces as members 

– Concrete classes implementing repository interfaces:


Of course all of this might be changed so let’s not hold our breath! so stay tuned if you want to know the end of the story 😉

Any suggestions? comments?

Successful Meetings Is The Responsibility Of All

Through all the meetings I had in my life (the voluntary and the professional), all meetings shared key points that made it either successful and constructive, or a complete disaster and waste of time!

These key points can be summarized into:

  • Meeting is conducted to achieve certain target , a solution to a problem, Keep the focus on that goal
    Time is valuable, and the participants will be very annoyed when they see their effort and time is wasted on a subject different from the one they originally agreed to sacrifice their time for. if the meeting was anything except resolving the original subject, it is a failure.
  • all participants should be sincere to achieve the target of the meeting
    Because we are humans:

    • we will still use meetings as war-ground to prove intelligence superiority over others, by interruptions, mockery and shouting (in extreme situations). This will not be disruptive to the meeting only, but also will be for the team as a whole! most likely you will loose quite people hate “arguing”, who might have a very smart opinion and potentials. And then you will have the side effects of bad relations within the team; nothing have worse influence than that.
      The coordinator role here is to prevent such situations by eliminating any reason the participants may use to act so selfish; not encouraging them, not letting them sneak with the interruption, etc. this goes beyond the meeting as well by raising the team spirit within the team members
    • Another less serious example of unfaithfulness is the will to support wrong opinion because it’s easier, or less tiring. Again, the coordinator should be careful, and try to make the individuals targets of the team members pour in the projects target (or at least the meeting target), this also needs a lot of effort and team building actions (and that’s another story).
  • Interruptions are evil and should be eliminated
    To know how bad interruption is, imagine your self talking in a meeting, all passionate and ongoing…suddenly a guy thinks you are talking nonsense, or that he is smarter than  you are, and interrupts you…aaa’a!!…see how bad it is!! it wastes time, energy, and produces anger and disrespect. 
  • so is prattling!
    The more the prattle, the less the focus… the less the focus, the more the meeting loses the target. prattling can be as distructive as the interruptions, make participants less interested and even angry, hence failing meeting.
  • Don’t offend others by any means. 
    if you do so, a wall will be built instantly between the meeting and the guy offended; he will not be able to listen to any sound logic (by nature), and will prove anything to be wrong. as long as you are discussing ideas, people will feel safe, when you bring it to their essence, they will be too protective. be cautions choosing the right words.
  • Silent people can be a hidden treasure 
    The meeting is not meant to choose country presidents, it’s meant to elicit sound logic and constructive opinions, even if it comes from that silent little participant at the corner. if you are in charge, give him a chance, let him speak his ideas out, it might surprise you how good it can be, And if it is, you have raised his self-esteem to be more participating in the future and more successful team.

You can see from the points listed that it’s not only the coordinators responsibility to make the meeting successful, but the participants as well, after all they are the meeting!

There are lot’s of such points, but those are the one’s that come to my mind. If you have more to add, your comments below are most welcomed.

Changing Jobs

Yesterday was my last day in estarta, marking the end of nice period full of experience, knowledge, and amazing friends who have been like a family.

And now it’s time to move on, as a Technical Team Leader in esense. The excitement increases as time goes by (since I haven’t started there yet), I have only one week of preparations to step back into this role (yes, I have been TTL before) in this new environment, can’t wait.

Looking behind, it’s not an easy feeling;  departing such people who are dear to me! but my condolences is that I am not leaving the country anytime soon (so we will meet guys 🙂 ), and I’m full of hope that I’ll find such great environment in esense as well.

في أي يوم العيد؟

في السنوات الأخيرة، كثر الحديث عن رؤية الهلال، و تحديد بدايات الأشهر القمرية، و لا سيما شهر رمضان و شوال لأهمتيهما. و احتار الناس بين البيانات الرسمية الصادرة عن المؤسسات الحكومية من جهة (نتيجة إدلاء شهود برؤية الهلال)، و المؤسسات الفلكية المتخصصة من جهة أخرى.

الموضوع -على عقده- بسيط؛ فلتحديد بادية هذه الأشهر الحساسة تعتمد المؤسسات الحكومية على شهادة مواطنين شهدوا برؤية الهلال، و هذا أمر طيب. لكن المشكلة أن لخمسين عاما خلت من الآن، كانت معظم تلك الشهادات خاطئة و ليس لها أساس من الصحة (و ما زالت)!  لم يكن بالإمكان -من خلال الوسائل المتاحة للمؤسسات المسؤولة حينئذ- أن تتأكد من صحتها. كان يكفي أن يكون مسلما عاقلا بالغا راشدا، و لا يزال الأمر كذلك.

لكن في الآونة الأخيرة، اجتهدت المؤسسات الفلكية (و على رأسها المشروع الإسلامي لرصد الأهلة) أن تبين هذا الأمر، بما أن لديها العلم الكافي و الكوادر المؤهلة كي تبين لهذه المؤسسات أن الشهادات في معظمها خاطئة! فبادرت بنشر الأوراق العلمية، و الخطابات الرسمية، و الظهور على وسائل الإعلام لعظم الأمر، و من هنا بدأ وعي الناس للموضوع، لكن للأسف لم تستجب هذه المؤسسات، فكانت البلبلة.

لكي يتضح الأمر أكثر، الشكل(1) الذي يبين منظر الأفق في الحالة الطبيعية عند امكانية رؤية الهلال:

يمكن رؤية الهلالالشكل (1)

الشمس تحت الأفق (غابت تماما)، وهجها بدأ بالخفوت، و القمر بعيد نسبيا عنها و فوق الأقق بمسافة تسمح لتكون الهلال، و تسمح للعين البشرية إبصاره.

أما في الشكل (2)، فيكون في حالة لا يمكن فيها رؤية الهلال لقربه الشديد من الشمس، فوهج الشمس يمنع رؤيته:

لا يمكن رؤية الهلال الشكل (2)

و أما في الشكل (3)، فإن رؤية الهلال مستحيلة! لأن القمر يغيب أصلا قبل الشمس، فلا يوجد شيء بالأفق لرصده من الأساس!!:

تست�يل رؤية الهلالالشكل (3)

و معظم الحالات التي يشهد فيها هؤلاء الشهود تكون في الحالة الأخيرة التي لا يوجد فيها هلال أصلا!!! و لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله!

للمزيد من المعلومات، انظر المراجع التالية:

و إن كنت مهتما بعلوم الفلك التطبيقية المتعلقة بالشريعة، اتبع هذا الرابط لمزيد من البحوث.

Free Collaboration Software

My previous employer Rapsyx decided lately to publish the light version of it’s prime product RapidOne as free software.

RapidOne in short words:

RapidOne Team provides a single application to handle communication, workplanning and resource sharing across the organization with a highly innovative storage concept organizing your data naturally

With the ability to add a whole set of CRM components depending on the version you choose.

Interesting? have a look at the free version here