The Story of a Winning Frog (a story we all know, and few comprehend)

By | October 28, 2008


If you don’t know it:

Once upon a time there was a group of little frogs, who decided to go through a competition to climb a tower. The tower was high and difficult, and no one of the spectator frogs believed that any of the tiny frogs can make it to the top.

Little frogs started climbing, while spectators yelling:
– "oh my, it’s too high…I don’t think they can make it!"
– "they are too young, how possibly can they reach the top?! that’s insane"
Shouting and yelling continued, while the little frogs surrendering one by one, except for this one little frog who kept going and going, climbing up further and further more. Surprising everyone, that frog made it to the top and he won the race! well…the only reason for his success that…HE WAS DEAF, he simple couldn’t hear the negative shouting of the spectators!

1) The effort a man produces trying to succeed is proportional to the amount of expectation to succeed
2) and the more effort he produces, the more it is possible he will succeed.


So if one member of a team starts putting the team down, the teams effort is absolutely going down, even if they can make it, they won’t. no passion, no effort, no success.

The only thing you will get from being around negative people is being pulled down with them; they will keep discouraging you, to give up, to stop you from reaching your goal! with all sort of discouraging words:
– "the way we work is wrong, this is stupid! this is never gonna work"
-  "I knew it! I knew it!"
-  "the client is going to reject it, I am telling you! he is!" *with yellow smile*
Enlarging the disadvantages of the surroundings, and forgetting about the advantages, putting the passion off.

Yes, there are annoyances, but come on, NOTHING IS PERFECT! any sane human would obviously tell you that "not getting all" doesn’t mean "giving up on all"; if you do that, while there is nothing perfect, obviously, you will end up losing all!

Believe in yourself, try to improve, never surrender. And while doing all that…just enjoy what you have.

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