How we decide what to have for lunch

By | August 2, 2008

Do you go through the same, time-consuming, frustrating discussion with your colleagues when you want to decide what to have for lunch? well…this is exactly what we have been going through where I work.

To solve the problem (partially, because humans can never totally agree! ), I made a small, quick and dirty web application; LunchPoll.

The user (Active Directory user, it works on Windows Authentication) would go to the home page, select the available poll:

Then a list of all available restaurants will show up. The restuarants’ names are in arabic, so don’t be frightned if you didn’t understand the names 🙂 :

The user will assign a weight for each restaurant depending on his taste for today, and no two restaurants can have the same weight.

And after submitting the poll, the user will see the results; all the restaurants will appear, each one with the value of its weigt next to it, along with the voters names who voted for now:

you can download the source code here. bon apetite 😉


p.s. There is no administration interface, so you will have insert restaurants in the Restaurants table, and Insert an entry for each new poll in the Polls table, giving the Status column the value “1”

p.p.s That never stopped the arguments 😛

6 thoughts on “How we decide what to have for lunch

  1. BlackRain

    Dont forget tha positive side, regardless all arguments, time-consuming, and frustrating discussion, at the end you eat 🙂

  2. Mohammad Jarrar

    I have to admit.
    since you start working in company, and get to know us more and more, you brought such a simple -yet very practical- solutions to many kinds of issues ( sure lunch is one of them ).

    Thumbs UP for Emad 🙂

  3. eashi

    Don’t make me draw the shy face now :P, thanks a lot for your kind words bu Jarrar basha 🙂

  4. Maram

    Great idea wallah 🙂
    In my old team we put a schedule of limited choices for every day, I tried to do application for calculating lunch prices – since we minimized the arguments about (what to eat?) we started to argue about (who will calculate the shares!!!). The bottom line [you cannot have lunch at work without fighting 🙂 !!!!]

  5. eashi

    Yeah! isn’t that true!!! in our case, guys started to revoke the poll results if it’s not what they chose! and even food-type based coalition started to emrge! lol! we humans can never change 😀

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