In the memory of Srebrenica genocide

By | July 14, 2008

Can the mind imagine how brutal the man kind can be!!

The last couple of days was the memory of one of the ugliest genocides took place in the recent history, with 8000 people killed mercilessly in couple of days!

The frightning side of the story is that it was under the supervision of the so called “The United Nations” (UN)!
Is it surprising? I thought so at the beginning, but after the spread of the news about UN forces abusing children all over the glob , it isn’t any more!!

I will leave you with the wikipedia article for more information about Srebrenica genocide:

3 thoughts on “In the memory of Srebrenica genocide

  1. BlackRain

    Dear Emad,

    Allow me to add a small hint regarding the number of killed people, formally it was announced 8000 dead body, but informally the number goes around 25000, with noticing that more than 95% of dead bodies belong to males.

  2. LUNAR

    الله على الظالم يا اخوي يا عماد

  3. Ali AbdelMuti

    actually am wordless since the only feeling i got when the first time i heard of it is the feeling that standing on the day of judgment being asked where were we, and what we really did other than words.

    Oh Allah put mercy on my enemy, because i won’t

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