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By | September 8, 2008

In the early days when the Internet was Blog-free, my machine was light and clean, it was barely Visual Sutdio, SQL Server Express (then it was called MSDE) , Office, MSN and IIS. I always believed in the light clean machine, no goofy software around.

Then Blogs started to appear, and more interesting blogs had my attention like Scott’s and Omar’s, and with it I started to learn about new software gadgets. From that day, I am addicted!

First it was the Ultimate Tools List, I browsed it, and out of interest I downloaded Launchy, AMAZING (can’t live without it)!! then Notepad++ then SyncToy, then Process Explorer, Cropper, and I couldn’t stop!

Now there are wonderful sites like FileHippo that is a prime source for new software gadgets and their update news. but the surprise was Wakoopa; who thought there would be a whole social community website built around software enthusiasm!

But anyway, I still believe in clean and light machines, I don’t download toys that I don’t need, and regularly monitor their effect on my machine; the beauty of both worlds 🙂

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