Criticizing Google Reader’s UI

By | March 13, 2012

Since Google changes the look of its products very often, most likely this post will be out of date soon, nonetheless I believe it’d be a good to share my thoughts about Google Reader’s current UI… with a little rant.

  1. Lots of real-state waste:
    All the areas surrounded with yellow borders are a wasted, especially that I have no control over hiding or showing them (click on image to see it real size):


  2. Actions RARELY used are ALWAYS available, and taking too much space: ActionsRarelyUsed-edited
  3. Actions most used are small, at the bottom of the post, and not always in view:NeededActionsNotAvailable
  4. The highlight of the selected blog isn’t clear enough:

  5. Title doesn’t stay in view while scrolling (negotiable): titleMovesWithScrolling-edited

Ok Google you did a great job introducing GMail and Reader with all this labeling and cool stuff, how about little bit attention to UI?

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