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If Crashing Gracefully Is Nice, Recovering From It Is Awesome

Last Saturday we had a SharePointSaturday event here in Jordan, in which I had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Oleson and Michael Noel for DotNetArabi. At the end of Joel’s valuable interview, which can happen only in a life time, I stopped the recording by hitting the “Stop” button, simple. Surprisingly, instead of stopping the… Read More »

DotNetArabi Episode 4 دوت نت عربي الحلقة الرابعة

   I just published episode 4 of the DotNetArabi podcast on This episode was with guest Mohammad Zayed, he works as Strategic Technology Specialist in Microsoft Jordan. he worked on different Microsoft technologies ranging from Windows Forms applications, Web Forms and Mobile.Mohammad talks in this episode about Sharepoint, the in’s and out’s, the benefits… Read More »

“طور نفسك برمجيا”…موجة من عمر قعدان

قبل أيام، كتب أخي عمر قعدان في مدونته مقالا بعنوان “شيفرة مصدرية للقراءة” و في آخره استعمل أسلوب “الموجة” في المدونات و هو أسلوب مبتكر في عالم التدوين يقوم صاحبه بكتابة مقال، ثم يطلب في آخر المقال من مدونين معينين كتابة المقال نفسه لكن من تجربتهم الشخصية، و بدورهم يفعلون الأمر ذاته مع آخرين إن… Read More »

DotNetArabi Episode 3 دوت نت عربي الحلقة الثالثة

  I just published episode 3 of the DotNetArabi podcast on This episode was with guest Mahmoud Alamanasrah, who have 7 years of experience on data-driven web applications with SQL Server. The episode was about the new features of SQL Server 2008, great for all developers who interact closely with SQL Server. على موقع… Read More »