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مساعدة في دوت نت عربي

نشأ دوت نت عربي منذ ثمان سنوات ليكون من أوائل المواقع العربية التي تقدم محتوى عربيا ذا جودة عالية، قدم من خلالها العديد من الحلقات مع نجوم تقنيين عرب أصحاب خبرة طويلة و أداء مميز. بدأ البودكاست بجهود فردية و نفقة شخصية غير ربحية، و استمر عدة سنوات بأداء جيد و بمعدل حلقة كل أربعة […]

Best Skype Audio Chat Recorder

This is a shout-out to MP3 Skype Recorder, the best Skype recorder I have ever used to record Skype calls. It’s been two years since DotNetArabi’s first episode, most of the episodes were recorded over Skype using MP3 Skype Recorder. It wasn’t the only tool I tried, I have downloaded several, but none competed with […]

Use Powershell To Follow Your Followers On Twitter

Update: Twitter “statuses/followers” API documentation had a small note at the bottom that says that it returns only 100 followers if no paging is used, I have updated the script accordingly. Thanks to @RamyMahrous for notifying me on this in his comment below. <End of Update> For a long time I thought that @DotNetArabi shouldn’t […]

Exposing DotNetArabi for OData

Lately OData (Open Data protocol) is gaining a great momentum, everybody is talking about, and in fact it deserves all this fuss. OData is a protocol through which you can share data provided as ATOM or JSON formats by exposing URI’s to be invoked via HTTP, check the FAQ for fast information. One of the […]

DotNetArabi Podcast Equipment

After publishing 8 episodes of DotNetArabi, I think it would be nice to share on this blog how it goes and what equipment needed in the process. But before we begin, dear reader, note that I am not an expert, I am still in the beginning of the way, though it’s going good so far. […]

DotNetArabi Episode 5 دوت نت عربي الحلقة الخامسة

    Episode 5 of DotNetArabi podcast is published on Mohamad Meligy talked in this episode about ORM (Object Relational Mapping), he explained in details how they work, why we need them, their advantages and disadvantages, and listed some of the known ORM engines. لقد تم نشر الحلقة الخامسة من دوت نت عربي على […]