Gaza, Starvation For 18 Months And a Massacre Today!

By | December 27, 2008

Update: death toll rate reaches 470 and 2400 injuries, and I will stop counting.

After a 20 months siege during which there was no water, food, medicine, gas, oil, and electricity…today Israel thinks that’s not enough…and starts a massacre; 160 dead, 200 wounded by 40 rockets hit Gaza and still going.

Photos From the Massacre Taking Place Today

English news: here
Arabic news: here




Photos From the Siege

English news: here
Arabic news: here, and here

26337_11223465084 smuggling food through the tunnels

26337_21223465084 Milk for the small children who lack the basic ingredients for healthy food, finds its only way trough tunnels under ground.

6210x no electricity, you know what this affects; imagine yourself without electricity for 1 week, not saying 20 months!



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