Get On With It!

By | January 16, 2009

clockWhen we started gathering requirements from the charity organizations for Bunian, it appeared that there are other kinds of people who benefit from the charity organization; there are “needy families” whose father is still alive but can’t sustain their families, and “students” who can’t afford their study. 

So Bunian needs to support all these Beneficiaries in smart way; we solved the problem by creating the IBeneficiary interface. But the problem is that in order to get out with the best solution ever (damn perfectionism!), we kept coming up with different solutions, and overriding them with other solutions every once in a while, and this kept going like forever!

Though we agreed from the beginning that we shall keep it as simple as possible and then add up to it as we get out with the first phase, yet it kept sliding “ok only we have to do this, oh and that too”. Until one day I thought I came up with the silver bullet everyone talks about 4 , and sent an email to the group about the changes I wanted to make, when a colleague caught me online and showed her objection about the new solutions, and proposed another. Only then I woke up!! “OMG…WE ARE STILL HERE!!”
Instantly, I remembered my oldest brothers comment  (Mohammad, very wise brother) about Bunian “It’s great that you want to build the greatest architecture ever, but remember that Orphans are waiting!!

So LET’S JUST GET ON WITH IT!! ship it!! do it!! let version one come out, let “customers” benefit from it, then you take your time doing your silver bullet. So this is one of the challenges facing the Project Managers, something we developers rarely think about :); today…I learned my lesson!

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