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Got a GPS? …Lets Play Geocaching

The other day I was roaming the Internet; link here link there, tweet here tweet there, and I stumbled upon a very nice game called Geocaching.Geocaching, simply, is a game in which players hide items in any place in the world, and the other players should find, yes…Treasure Hunt. But the fun part is it’s […]

Fear and Humbleness…Obstacles in The Way of Success

“Oh no, I won’t go into that code; I am not that intelligent!”“oh no, I don’t want to try this software…I don’t know what it will do to my machine!”“Oh no, I can’t write such a unique blog post!”“Oh no, I will not twiply to that celebrity…come on…he is a celebrity!” These phrases kept chasing […]

Travians be Warned…Rapacious is Rising

I don’t know whether thank or scold my good friend Omar Qadan for introducing me to Travian, a strategy game played online. It’s amazing how a simple,  web-based, HTML-front game can be so rich and vast entertainment wise! It’s a real strategy game where you build villages, resources, armies, embassies, and conduct trading, diplomacy, wars, […]

Introduction to NHibernate Session at Jordev Was Good

The feedback was very good, and I was glad that everybody liked it. Jordev is really moving ahead, and I am very excited being part of it Below is the slide show (it’s an enhanced version from my previous one): [slideshare id=821222&doc=introductiontonhibernate-1228487480885456-9&w=425] Code is the same of the previous one which you can download from […]

Changing Jobs

Yesterday was my last day in estarta, marking the end of nice period full of experience, knowledge, and amazing friends who have been like a family. And now it’s time to move on, as a Technical Team Leader in esense. The excitement increases as time goes by (since I haven’t started there yet), I have […]

How we decide what to have for lunch

Do you go through the same, time-consuming, frustrating discussion with your colleagues when you want to decide what to have for lunch? well…this is exactly what we have been going through where I work. To solve the problem (partially, because humans can never totally agree! ), I made a small, quick and dirty web application; LunchPoll. […]

When a family dies in a car accedent!

On friday, my mothers cousin died in a car accedent on a highway; he, his wife and one of his 3 kids died in the accedent! the 2nd child is in comma while the 3rd survived. It was shocking! the last week he was enjoying the holiday at his family’s place with his three kids! The […]