My MVP Award Dedication

By | October 5, 2011

Couple of days ago I received the wonderful email from Microsoft telling me that I was awarded the MVP; it really feels nice when you achieve results. But the best part of all this is my friends’ reactions, the congrats, and the big smiles on the faces (not mentioning a generous gift from my colleagues Winking smile), to all these true friends I say big thank you!

6 thoughts on “My MVP Award Dedication

  1. Emad Alashi Post author

    يالفخري و سعادتي، و الدي العزيز يهنئني هنا! بارك الله لك يا والدي، و جزاك الله عنا خير ما يجزي الله والد عن ولده، أنت فضل الله علينا.

  2. Osama Khaleefa

    I have just landed on your blog and impressed by the nice logo ..

    1000 Mabroook!

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