DPack for Visual Studio, Better Navigation

By | June 2, 2009

There have been couple of code assistance and refactoring products for the Visual Studio IDE, two of the top listed is CodeRush and Resharper; they provide amazing and rich functionality regarding code refactoring and navigation.
But if the built-in refactorings in the Visual Studio itself suffices you (I am comfortable with it), then the only thing you need is DPack for Visual Studio; it’s a simple navigation utility by which you can navigate to the wanted File, Class, Method, or Property as easy as couple of strokes.

“Alt + U” to navigate to a file, the list is filtered as you type and the matching isn’t necessarily made for the beginning of the word:


“Alt + M” navigates to Methods:


“Alt + Shift + P” navigates to Properties:


very simple and handy, one of the tools can’t live without it. DPack everybody.

4 thoughts on “DPack for Visual Studio, Better Navigation

  1. Emad Alashi Post author

    aha! I like CodeRush better, the only thing i don’t like about it that it has different product Refactor!, which should really be included in one.

  2. Anon

    I really like DPack! Especially since it is based on the Delphi add-on called GExperts. DPack adds quite a bit of functionality that is already in the Delphi IDE or part of GExperts. Either way, it is very welcome here

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