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By | August 29, 2008

What could be better, as an Open Source project, than a charity application! where your code is really worth something valuable; a smile on an innocent orphan face, or new clothes for a needy family in Eid.

Announcing new open source project Bunian; the excitement is indescribable! eager to reach with it a stage when it’s really alive, doing something good out there for needy people. I understand it’s going to take so much to drive a successful project, but with the right contributions from the right people like you…I am sure things will just work fine.

Here is the summary I came up with to describe the project in the least amount of words:

Bunian is a charity web application that will make it easy for the generous people, who want to give, to reach for the poor, who need and yet cannot be reached.
Charity organizations who use Bunian, will enable Sponsors to browse through list of Beneficiaries already registered with the organization, depending on different criteria, giving the Sponsors the ability to Request to sponsor certain Beneficiary, who can be Orphan, Family…etc.
For the time being, there will be no handling for charity transactions, the web application is only meant for communication.

The basic target technology is ASP.NET 3.5, NHibernate, and Microsoft SQL database, the initial structure and code is already uploaded on the source control over codeplex (an open source project hosting website), you can download the source code here.

There are lots to do, and lots of ideas that can enrich the project, I surely cannot do it alone, so if you think you have the time and skills, then you are more than welcome to join the project. Even if you don’t want to join, your comments and advices are still highly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

More posts will be coming concerning Bunian, there is still lots to say which I will postpone till its right time.

3 thoughts on “Announcing open source project Bunian

  1. Mohammad Jarrar

    :thumbs UP:
    I wish i can be involved in that , i will try my best to be a part of it.

    God Bless YOU.

  2. eashi

    Thanks a lot, the project will be enriched for sure if you both join, so do it :D.
    abu Jarrar, I know you are busy with the certificates thing, good luck with it and try to finish soon :).

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